The Greenslade Family Foundation was established in 2017 with the aim of helping children and young people living in socially or economically disadvantaged communities across the UK. We believe every child or young person deserves a chance to be happy and successful. By funding selected charities and projects within education, sport, the arts, healthcare and wellbeing, we hope to give support to those in need and have a positive impact on their future. The Foundation focuses on charities which provide direct aid to these young people.

Our impact — in numbers


Year founded


Projects funded

Our objectives

Support disadvantaged communities

To provide support to those in need due to social, economic, ill-health, disability or other disadvantage — and to promote the advancement of their education and the development of crucial skills for life-long good health and wellbeing.

Promote social inclusion

Support the prevention of social exclusion of children and young people and support projects that provide assistance or relief, as well as helping to re-integrate them into society.

Promote health and wellbeing

Help families and sufferers of life-limiting physical or mental health conditions by providing support, education and practical advice.

Help to relieve poverty

Contribute to poverty relief and self-sufficiency by supporting training, nutrition and healthcare projects.

Organisations we've supported

Over the past three years we are proud to have supported a number of inspiring projects across the United Kingdom.

Action for Stammering Children Big Change The Trussell Trust Polka On Side The Prince's Foundation Community Links Lighthouse Children & The Arts POP The Amber Foundation

Application guidance

What is the application process?

To help save organisations time and effort in preparing applications, we first ask for some high level information via an initial application, submitted via our website. If we feel there is alignment with our objectives, we will then ask for a more detailed application and arrange a discussion.

Stage 1: First stage application and review
Stage 2: Detailed application and discussion
Stage 3: Evaluation and decision

What levels of grants are available?

There is not a set limit, however we generally award 2-3 larger grants (up to £50,000) in a calendar year along with a number of smaller donations.

What types of projects are supported?

We consider applications from organisations and projects within the UK who are actively trying to achieve at least one of the following objectives:

  • Improve the lives of young people
  • Provide rehabilitation and opportunities to children or young people who face social exclusion
  • Offer access to educational opportunities (particularly those related to the arts or sport) among socially or economically disadvantaged communities
  • Protect and promote the health and wellbeing of those affected by life-limiting health conditions
  • Prevent and relieve poverty through training or healthcare projects